Refusing to Play Tarantino’s Vengeance Game

3 thoughts on “Refusing to Play Tarantino’s Vengeance Game”

  1. I like your thoughts, and I’m glad you took the time to really analyze the movie. I will say that Candie’s sister was giving ideas on ways to kill Django they just didn’t show it. Steven just talked about it while Django was upside down with his nuts all out. I can see how you wanted Django to be more sympathetic to the other slaves but I don’t think that’s where Tarantino wanted to take it(captain obvious I know lol). Every time Django gets free from his captors he rarely even acknowledges that the other slaves are there. I think the point was that he lost all his sympathy for anyone accept Broomhilda(and later Dr. Schultz). Despite what I previously thought would happen, Tarantino did not make Django a hero for the slaves, but a hero/avenger only for Broomhilda, while Dr. Schultz slowly became the one that sympathized with the plight of the Blacks as a people. I personally thought that was a nice touch because it was unexpected (the fact that he was German was also an interesting touch as well). Tarantino has a knack for using antiheroes as protagonists.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to read it. The only thing I can say about Candie’s sister is that she talked about ways to kill Django only after he killed like 40 people and was an accomplice of the man that killed her brother. From her perspective that’s not exactly out of the question for her to want him dead. But then again, after that I guess its not out of the question for Django to then want her dead.

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