Stuff I Wrote In 2015: Lecrae, Ben Schwartz, And (Kinda) Chris Pratt

2015 was definitely the biggest year for my career as a writer. I interviewed Grammy winners, big time actors, New York Times Bestsellers, and of course, the most popular thing I wrote was a quick blog post about Chris Pratt.

On that note, thank you to everyone who shared that post. It went from something I posted just to my facebook friends all the way to! I couldn’t believe how fast that spread.

And thank you to every one of you who read any of my writing. I’m always so grateful and surprised when people tell me they read my stuff.

Here are my favorite ThriveWire articles from this past year:

I had my DNA tested to see what the best ways for me to work out would be and I found out that it’s really my DNA’s fault that I hate marathons.

I’ve already told you how Beau Jennings put out one of the best albums of the year, but my interview with him helps explain his motivation behind The Verdigris.

I’ve been a fan of Drew Holcomb’s for a few years so it was great to get to talk to him about his new album Medicine.

As far as I’m concerned, if you didn’t grow up watching Whose Line Is It Anyway? then I don’t understand you. I interviewed the great Colin Mochrie about how improv can help you in your daily life.

This was by far the worst thing I did for a story: I wore an ice vest for three weeks to see if it would burn fat. It didn’t.

Lecrae has long been one of my favorite artists and one of my favorite people. Getting the chance to interview him was probably the best professional moment for me this year. And yes, the title is a little ambitious.

Anderson East is in the news right now because he might be dating Miranda Lambert. Don’t let that fool you, he’s a supremely talented singer and I got to interview him in July.

To check off the New York Times Bestseller off my list of interviewees, here’s my interview with author Molly Knight.

I’m a huge Parks & Recreation fan, so talking to Ben Schwartz aka Jean-Ralphio was awesome. He’s just as funny and nice on the phone as he is on TV and in movies.

Andy Mineo is probably the second most famous rapper on Lecrae’s Reach Records label these days, and he talked to me about his new album Uncomfortable.

Most of my interviews were over the phone, but MuteMath let me hang with them in the green room before a show and talked to me for almost an hour. It’s was a great interview with one of my favorite bands. In fact, they were the second concert I went to in my entire life.


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