Paris, Brussels, And Degrees of Separation

4 thoughts on “Paris, Brussels, And Degrees of Separation”

  1. As Christians we live in this tension of life and death, the Kingdom breaking in now, but not yet. My understanding of the Gospel coincides with yours. I agree that we are not only connected to the places of suffering, but also called to enter into those places as Jesus did on the cross. Resurrection is the promise that life is the final answer, even in those places of death, but it wouldn’t have happened if Jesus didn’t die. It’s a both/and… we can’t focus on our way out of the pain without entering into it, otherwise it’s just escapism (and the pain never really ends).

    I’m not trying to argue anything. I’m just joining the conversation… I love that Revelation passage. In fact, I am a weirdo who loves the whole thing. I just hesitate at how quickly some Christians can jump to getting out of it all, when I think Jesus really wanted us to get into it and be present in it all…

    Thanks for writing this.

    1. Thanks Casey, you are absolutely right. I wasn’t trying to say that we should use the promise of an end to the suffering as a way out, but more as a way of gaining a proper perspective. Maybe I didn’t make that clear enough. But you are definitely correct in saying that we should use this perspective to guide us in helping others and entering those areas of pain and suffering. Thanks for reading and for your thoughtful comment!

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