How 24 Hours Without a Phone Can Change Your Life

Let’s fall in love with our telephones off – Langhorne Slim, “Never Break” I’m not addicted to my phone. I mean, I don’t have to have it all the time. I don’t check it incessantly for no reason. I don’t have triggers throughout my day that cause me to look at it. I don’t getContinue reading “How 24 Hours Without a Phone Can Change Your Life”

I Don’t Want To See It At My Windowsill

I don’t want to choose black or blue I don’t want to see what they’ve done to you I don’t want to live in my father’s house no more You only realize the importance of some things in tough times. Arcade Fire’s Neon Bible is one of my favorite albums of all time, but I’veContinue reading “I Don’t Want To See It At My Windowsill”

Conan O’Brien Is Making The Most Important Late Night TV

Conan O’Brien is making the most important late night talk show. Statistically there are one million late night talks shows on at around the same time every night. The hardest one to find is Conan because no one knows where TBS is. That sounds like such an old man complaint, but it’s true. Not toContinue reading “Conan O’Brien Is Making The Most Important Late Night TV”

Paris, Brussels, And Degrees of Separation

In September of 2014, Ebola was ravaging West Africa, killing thousands while threatening to spread beyond the scope of West Africa to Europe and eventually North America. Some in the media were panicking, declaring that Ebola was on it’s way and there was nothing we could do to stop it. But beyond changing some travelContinue reading “Paris, Brussels, And Degrees of Separation”

Stuff I Wrote In 2015: Lecrae, Ben Schwartz, And (Kinda) Chris Pratt

2015 was definitely the biggest year for my career as a writer. I interviewed Grammy winners, big time actors, New York Times Bestsellers, and of course, the most popular thing I wrote was a quick blog post about Chris Pratt. On that note, thank you to everyone who shared that post. It went from something I postedContinue reading “Stuff I Wrote In 2015: Lecrae, Ben Schwartz, And (Kinda) Chris Pratt”

The Facebook Argument Of The Week

I remember a world before the internet. At least, I think I do. But really, I remember a world before trending topics. Facebook used to be a place where I had to think of something creative to put in the “Scott is___” status bar. I always had trouble with those. I also used to useContinue reading “The Facebook Argument Of The Week”

Every Christian Should Learn A Foreign Language

Last week at church my wife and I were praying through the prayer outline we were given (it was a different, but neat service) when I noticed something going on around me. The family on my left was praying in what I can only guess was Tamil, while the people to my wife’s right wereContinue reading “Every Christian Should Learn A Foreign Language”

The Gospel Isn’t Clickbait: On the Exploitation of Chris Pratt and Christ

Cynical “Christian” clickbait sites like the Conservative Tribune, Right Wing News, and any of their ilk are as bad as anything on the internet. They troll the internet and pop culture for things that people are into, and then force a supposedly right-wing, “Christian” perspective onto them just for clicks. The most obvious and mostContinue reading “The Gospel Isn’t Clickbait: On the Exploitation of Chris Pratt and Christ”

Level Heads

  This is not a post about the big-game hunting cheerleader. Sorry if that’s what you want it to be about. I know that when I shared it on Facebook that’s the image that popped up. And in the internet world, we only care about headlines and images. You’ve seen it hundreds of times, eitherContinue reading “Level Heads”

Loving Your Neighbor Until the End

Let us now praise famous men The sports world lost two great men when baseball Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn died after a battle with salivary gland cancer and ESPN reporter Richard Durrett suddenly died in his home of a brain aneurysm. Gwynn was 54 and Durrett was 38. Two men, gone entirely too soon.Continue reading “Loving Your Neighbor Until the End”