this mall is still open don’t ask me how no, the locks aren’t broken but it’s a demolition zone now it used to be cool to go to Valley View but all the people have gone away no more 15-year old chicas or the occasional orthodox jew those shops are empty, there’s no more soccerContinue reading “View”

Which Baker Will Accept the Heisman?

We all know Baker is going to win. Normally I wouldn’t make a definitive statement like that, but this one seems so secure that I feel ok saying that. Watching the Heisman Trophy ceremony on Saturday night will be like watching a victory parade for OU fans. There won’t be much suspense or mystery thisContinue reading “Which Baker Will Accept the Heisman?”

Jeb Bush 2017: One Love

This is a short story. Concept credit goes to Ryan Viohl, Estevan Molinar, and myself. “I’m sorry, sir, I have to ask. Are you Jeb Bush?” “Puka shells be $5 lady.” “I already said I don’t want puka shells, but I really think you look like a tan, bearded Jeb Bush. Do you know whoContinue reading “Jeb Bush 2017: One Love”