Six Great Pieces of Advice in “Lessons from Legends”

My new book Lesson from Legends: 12 Hall of Fame Coaches on Life, Leadership, and Leaving a Legacy is available on Amazon right now. The book is great, not because I wrote it, but because it contains wisdom from so many great men. It obviously has some great advice for coaches and players, but I... Continue Reading →

Behind-The-Scenes With The King: How Barry Switzer Is Changing The Way We Watch Football

Barry Switzer wants to watch college football with you. Yes, you. He wants you to be sitting right next to him, in his house, munching on his snacks, with drinks from his fridge, talking Sooners football while the game is on TV. And yes, I’m talking about that Barry Switzer, the 79-year-old College Football Hall... Continue Reading →

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WILLIAM V. CAMPBELL TROPHY FINALIST: Kansas State’s Lockett Follows Father’s Footsteps With Business Degree And Record Setting Performances

For the Locketts, setting receiving records at Kansas State is a family business. Current Wildcat Tyler Lockett recently passed his father Kevin’s career receiving yards record and he’s on pace to break his career reception and touchdown records. Tyler’s uncle Aaron is also in the top 5 on the career receiving leaderboards. But Tyler isn’t just... Continue Reading →

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