Licensing Is A Way Of Survival For Musicians

There’s the teenagers playing flamenco music on the streets who suddenly had the number 2 song on the iTunes World Music chart. There’s the wine salesman making music in his bedroom who was able to quit his job and make music his full-time career. And there’s the established independent artist that was able to actuallyContinue reading “Licensing Is A Way Of Survival For Musicians”

Molly Knight Went From Bartender To Bestseller

As we’ve discussed in the past with writers like Jeff Pearlman, the path to a career in sportswriting is often a well-traveled one. Usually it’s the sports-obsessed kid who realizes he’s not going to be a professional athlete so he turns to the next best thing: covering sports. He ends up going to journalism school, latchesContinue reading “Molly Knight Went From Bartender To Bestseller”

Soccer Can Be Silly Sometimes But Brooks Peck Keeps It All In Perspective

Brooks Peck is an award-winning soccer blogger whose blog Dirty Tackle gained a large following while at Yahoo! Sports for the better part of five years. Dirty Tackle is now an independent blog, but Peck says he has some exciting plans in the works with a new outlet that he will announce in the near future. Peck’sContinue reading “Soccer Can Be Silly Sometimes But Brooks Peck Keeps It All In Perspective”

Save $3 A Day By Making Your Own Cold Brew, It’s Easy…Kind Of

There’s a storm a’ cold brewin…that doesn’t make any sense. Everyone is selling cold brew these days. And it’s not cheap. But, like most coffee, it can be made from home pretty easily. My wife and I had a bunch of extra coffee that we were never going to get around to brewing because weContinue reading “Save $3 A Day By Making Your Own Cold Brew, It’s Easy…Kind Of”

5 Quick Takeaways From The Muppets Excellent Debut

The Muppets were always for adults Yes, it was always ostensibly a kids show, but many jokes were made for the adults watching it too. Heck, that’s the whole reason for the existence of the great Statler and Waldorf. So it’s a natural fit for the show to be geared towards adults now. Yes, It’s MoreContinue reading “5 Quick Takeaways From The Muppets Excellent Debut”

MuteMath Finds The Vital Elements

MuteMath’s Paul Meany slouched, staring at the ceiling as he pondered the many reasons for the four year delay between 2011’s Odd Soul and their upcoming Vitals.“We tried to work fast, but in the end we just didn’t think it was very good. Going into this record we felt like we needed to take ourContinue reading “MuteMath Finds The Vital Elements”

Do These Headphones That Don’t Even Go On Your Ears Actually Work?

Some music is so good you can feel it in your bones. But, with the After Shokz Bluez 2S bone conduction headphones, it doesn’t matter how good the music is, you’re definitely going to feel it in your bones. The After Shokz fit on your cheekbones and send the sound through your bones instead ofContinue reading “Do These Headphones That Don’t Even Go On Your Ears Actually Work?”