Presidential Candidates As Social Networks

It’s been said over and over again that this is the true “Social Media Election”. I would argue that 2012 probably was the first social media election, but #Factsdontmatter anyway. I will now break down the major presidential candidates and what social media platform they most resemble. If you get personally offended by comments about political... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Albums of 2015

This year I almost dreaded doing this list because I heard so much great music that I knew I would leave something off. In fact, as I survey the list I can think of a number of other albums I would like to include. But I'm not changing it now. First, let's start with my... Continue Reading →

The Rangers Have Lost Their Soul

    It's still hard to believe that Ron Washington won't be clapping and smiling and spitting seeds and hugging and laughing on the top step of the Rangers dugout ever again. It's even harder to believe that it all ended in such mystery. I'm sure that we will eventually find out what happened, but... Continue Reading →

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