Þetta Reddast: Everything Works Out In Iceland

My wife and I recently returned from our second trip to Iceland. Many people ask us why we went back to Iceland so soon after going the first time. Well, there are many reasons: we wanted to see it in Winter, we wanted to go to different areas of the country, and once she graduates... Continue Reading →


Top Ten Albums of 2016

I will remember 2016 musically as the year of the unexpected album. There were great releases from bands that we thought were never going to get back together (A Tribe Called Quest), bands that I thought were well past releasing anything worth listening to (Radiohead), and a guy who I haven't liked anything else he's... Continue Reading →

Paris, Brussels, And Degrees of Separation

In September of 2014, Ebola was ravaging West Africa, killing thousands while threatening to spread beyond the scope of West Africa to Europe and eventually North America. Some in the media were panicking, declaring that Ebola was on it's way and there was nothing we could do to stop it. But beyond changing some travel... Continue Reading →

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