Top Ten Albums of 2014

Here is my annual list of my favorite albums of the year. I tried out a new format this year, so let me know if you like this one. If you just want to know who made my list, you can see them here. If you want to know why I picked each album, click... Continue Reading →

Turn Blue

If you know anything about my music tastes, you knew this would be on the list. The Black Keys are my favorite band, but that doesn't mean I think everything they do is perfect. In fact, my least favorite of their albums is Attack & Release which was produced by Danger Mouse, who they brought... Continue Reading →

The Big Come Up

This is the first in a series of eight posts breaking down each of the Black Keys albums leading up to the release of Turn Blue on May 13. These posts will give a small amount of background on each album, but will mainly detail my feelings about them and what I believe makes each... Continue Reading →

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