Jeb Bush 2017: One Love

This is a short story. Concept credit goes to Ryan Viohl, Estevan Molinar, and myself. “I’m sorry, sir, I have to ask. Are you Jeb Bush?” “Puka shells be $5 lady.” “I already said I don’t want puka shells, but I really think you look like a tan, bearded Jeb Bush. Do you know whoContinue reading “Jeb Bush 2017: One Love”

The Facebook Argument Of The Week

I remember a world before the internet. At least, I think I do. But really, I remember a world before trending topics. Facebook used to be a place where I had to think of something creative to put in the “Scott is___” status bar. I always had trouble with those. I also used to useContinue reading “The Facebook Argument Of The Week”