Top Ten Albums of 2019

I try to do something different every year for my album of the year list, so this year I wrote a little poem for each of my top ten albums. Let me know which albums you loved this year in the comments! Honorable Mentions The Saint of Lost Causes – Justin Townes Earle, New AgeContinue reading “Top Ten Albums of 2019”

Top 10 Albums of 2018

I am always looking to challenge myself when I make these lists so they don’t get stale. For this year’s list each album will get one more sentence about it than the album before. So, No. 10 gets one sentence, No. 9 gets two, etc. Like every year, I didn’t realize how much great musicContinue reading “Top 10 Albums of 2018”

Lecrae Is One of The Most Influential Men In America

Bun B, Kendrick Lamar, Big K.R.I.T. Tim Keller, John Piper, Louie Giglio. Bubba Watson, Justin Forsett, Steph Curry. The first three: famous, critically-acclaimed rappers. Keller, Piper, and Giglio? Well-known white pastors in their 50s and 60s. Two-time Masters champion Watson, Baltimore Ravens running back Forsett, and newly-crowned NBA MVP Curry round out the group. TheContinue reading “Lecrae Is One of The Most Influential Men In America”

Andy Mineo Is For The People

Politicians would dream of the crowd Andy Mineo recently had at his show at the Texas Theater on the campus of The University of Texas at Arlington. College and high school kids got hyped next to middle-aged people, some with their children. The hands bobbing in the air, from the front row to the backContinue reading “Andy Mineo Is For The People”

Every Cold War Kids Song, Ranked

Check this post out on my new music Medium page the Ramble. Cold War Kids have been one of my favorite bands since I first started listening to them in 2007. I’ve anticipated the release of each of their new albums, and even when an album has disappointed me a bit, they still have redeemingContinue reading “Every Cold War Kids Song, Ranked”

Top Ten Albums of 2016

I will remember 2016 musically as the year of the unexpected album. There were great releases from bands that we thought were never going to get back together (A Tribe Called Quest), bands that I thought were well past releasing anything worth listening to (Radiohead), and a guy who I haven’t liked anything else he’sContinue reading “Top Ten Albums of 2016”

Anderson East Steps Out Of The Nashville Shadows

He’s from the same hometown as Alabama Shakes and his album was produced by the same guy who produced the latest albums by Jason Isbell, Sturgill Simpson, and Chris Stapleton. But Anderson East is set to make a name for himself with his excellent new release Delilah. It’s a bold step out of the shadows of those industryContinue reading “Anderson East Steps Out Of The Nashville Shadows”

Five to Thrive With Rapper Trip Lee About His New Album “Rise”, His Influences, And Why He Loves To Brag

Trip Lee is a rapper, pastor, author, and public speaker signed to Reach Records whose fifth album, Rise, dropped October 27, 2014 and rose up to the No. 1 spot on the iTunes hip-hop chart. The release of Rise came as a welcome surprise to many fans who heard rumors of Trip’s retirement after his last album The Good Life,Continue reading “Five to Thrive With Rapper Trip Lee About His New Album “Rise”, His Influences, And Why He Loves To Brag”

Rob Baker Makes Guitars Look Like Everything From AK-47s To Slurpees And It’s Not Even His Full Time Job

If one of the coolest moments of your life involves a guitar shaped like a Slurpee and the House of Blues, you know that you’ve chosen an interesting hobby. For Rob Baker, a custom guitar maker from Richardson, Texas, the above scenario actually included 13 Slurpee shaped guitars and involved the band Bowling for Soup,Continue reading “Rob Baker Makes Guitars Look Like Everything From AK-47s To Slurpees And It’s Not Even His Full Time Job”

The Founders Of Vinyl Me, Please Talk About Resurrecting The Record Club

Matt Fiedler and Tyler Barstow were a couple of music-obsessed twentysomethings in Chicago working for a startup when they came up with an idea. It wasn’t necessarily a new idea as much as it was a repackaging of an old idea for a modern audience. They were looking for a record club to join toContinue reading “The Founders Of Vinyl Me, Please Talk About Resurrecting The Record Club”