Top Albums of 2017 – Honorable Mentions

I’ve been making top ten album lists since 2012 and I’ve done them in different formats every time. This year I’ve broken it down into three posts: The Honorable Mentions, 10-6, and 5-1. First up is the honorable mentions. These albums should all feel honored just to be mentioned by me. Everything Now, Arcade Fire – NoContinue reading “Top Albums of 2017 – Honorable Mentions”


MuteMath Finds The Vital Elements

MuteMath’s Paul Meany slouched, staring at the ceiling as he pondered the many reasons for the four year delay between 2011’s Odd Soul and their upcoming Vitals.“We tried to work fast, but in the end we just didn’t think it was very good. Going into this record we felt like we needed to take ourContinue reading “MuteMath Finds The Vital Elements”