Ben Schwartz Talks About His New Video Series With NFL Stars Demarco Murray And Jared Allen

After years of hard behind-the-scenes work, grinding away, and even winning an Emmy for his writing, Ben Schwartz is finally having his moment as a star. And, assuming these jobs pay well, you could say he’s “flushhhhed with cassshh.” The man who is probably best known for playing the irrepressible, energetic, wildly irresponsible, and somehow lovable Jean-Ralphio... Continue Reading →


Buffalo Bills Quarterback EJ Manuel Talks With Us About Overcoming Adversity, The Reward Of Charity Work, And Yes, His Florida State Seminoles

EJ Manuel is a quarterback for the Buffalo Bills and a former Florida State Seminoles star. Manuel helped bring the Seminoles back to college football prominence, and he was a first round draft pick in the 2013 NFL draft. For now, Manuel is backing up Kyle Orton, but he is continuing to work hard each day to... Continue Reading →

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