Six Great Pieces of Advice in “Lessons from Legends”

My new book Lesson from Legends: 12 Hall of Fame Coaches on Life, Leadership, and Leaving a Legacy is available on Amazon right now. The book is great, not because I wrote it, but because it contains wisdom from so many great men. It obviously has some great advice for coaches and players, but IContinue reading “Six Great Pieces of Advice in “Lessons from Legends””

Which Baker Will Accept the Heisman?

We all know Baker is going to win. Normally I wouldn’t make a definitive statement like that, but this one seems so secure that I feel ok saying that. Watching the Heisman Trophy ceremony on Saturday night will be like watching a victory parade for OU fans. There won’t be much suspense or mystery thisContinue reading “Which Baker Will Accept the Heisman?”

Russell Athletic Bowl: Oklahoma’s Darlington Has A Message To Communicate

In 2012, when Ty Darlington stood in front of his high school graduating class in Apopka, FL giving his valedictory address, he was terrified. Only two and a half years later, Darlington was asked to speak at the College of Arts and Sciences graduation in front of thousands at the University of Oklahoma’s Lloyd NobleContinue reading “Russell Athletic Bowl: Oklahoma’s Darlington Has A Message To Communicate”