Ben Schwartz Talks About His New Video Series With NFL Stars Demarco Murray And Jared Allen

After years of hard behind-the-scenes work, grinding away, and even winning an Emmy for his writing, Ben Schwartz is finally having his moment as a star. And, assuming these jobs pay well, you could say he’s “flushhhhed with cassshh.” The man who is probably best known for playing the irrepressible, energetic, wildly irresponsible, and somehow lovable Jean-Ralphio... Continue Reading →


How To Fill The Parks And Rec Sized Hole In Your Life

Parks and Rec is going to leave a huge, Leslie Knope scrapbook-sized hole in your life. While you can never replace what Pawnee has given you over the last few years, here are some ways you can get that Pawnee love in real life. JJ’s Diner Sometimes this was all that Leslie and Ron had... Continue Reading →

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