My Documentary Now Available On Vimeo

My documentary Don’t Think You’d Understand: The Billy Ray Jeter Story is now available for free on Vimeo. You can watch the short-film which had it’s world premiere at the Texas Theatre (the place where Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested) last month. This film is about my indoor soccer team and was intended solely for theContinue reading “My Documentary Now Available On Vimeo”

Soccer Can Be Silly Sometimes But Brooks Peck Keeps It All In Perspective

Brooks Peck is an award-winning soccer blogger whose blog Dirty Tackle gained a large following while at Yahoo! Sports for the better part of five years. Dirty Tackle is now an independent blog, but Peck says he has some exciting plans in the works with a new outlet that he will announce in the near future. Peck’sContinue reading “Soccer Can Be Silly Sometimes But Brooks Peck Keeps It All In Perspective”

Sports Seasons: The Long and Short of It

Major sports seasons are all unique in their own ways. They are all designed to get maximum entertainment and maximum dollars out of fans. Some are too long, some are too short, and some are perfect. I will attempt to pass judgement on the major sports. I’m not breaking new ground with any of theseContinue reading “Sports Seasons: The Long and Short of It”