Hall of Memories: My Farewell to the Ballpark in Arlington

At the end of the day, it’s just a building, but to me and many others it’s a hall of memories. We’ve seen wins and losses, eaten ridiculous food, felt our legs stick to those green seats in 1 million degree weather in July, chased foul balls, heckled opposing players, listened to Chuck Morgan’s perfectContinue reading “Hall of Memories: My Farewell to the Ballpark in Arlington”

Hamilton: Tragic Hero and Now Willing Villain

It’s been a week since Josh Hamilton has all but guaranteed that he will be booed forever by Rangers fans. I’ve taken some time to think about it instead of responding quickly (a novel idea these days). I’ve spent a lot of time this offseason considering the impact of Hamilton, and his baffling decision toContinue reading “Hamilton: Tragic Hero and Now Willing Villain”