Top Ten Albums of 2014

Here is my annual list of my favorite albums of the year. I tried out a new format this year, so let me know if you like this one. If you just want to know who made my list, you can see them here. If you want to know why I picked each album, clickContinue reading “Top Ten Albums of 2014”


Fear In Bliss

The debut album of this Oklahoma band was long-awaited by those who have seen them play live in the last few years. Horse Thief are a group of guys who graduated from the Academy of Contemporary Music at the University of Central Oklahoma. It’s essentially an incubator of people wanting to be in a band.Continue reading “Fear In Bliss”

Black Hours

I wrote about this album in the past, so I won’t spend too much time here. The solo debut of the former frontman of The Walkmen did not disappoint. Hamilton Leithauser used the opportunity of a solo album to explore some of the themes he began to touch on The Walkmen’s last album Heaven, butContinue reading “Black Hours”


2014 was the year of Lecrae. The rapper, and unashamed Christian, was everywhere in the hip-hop world this year, even being nominated for “Best Rap Performance” Grammy for his song “All I Need is You”. The release of his seventh album is in some ways a culmination of all that he has worked towards, notContinue reading “Anomaly”

Ryan Adams

Ryan Adams is one of the most prolific musicians alive, whose music spans genres from Country, to Americana, to Blues, to plain old Rock and Roll. Adams actually took three years off from his last album before putting out his self-titled 14th album, the longest hiatus between albums in his career. Featuring the best straightforwardContinue reading “Ryan Adams”


These heavily-accented rockers from Scotland have had a number of songs become popular in the last few years, but until Unravelling they hadn’t put out a complete album of quality. I love their older stuff, but some of their songs are so similar in the beginning that I can’t tell the difference between them forContinue reading “Unravelling”

El Pintor

One of the biggest surprises of the year for me, Interpol returned to the realm of indie greatness with El Pintor. Interpol are indie darlings from New York, but they really haven’t done anything great since Antics in 2004. I almost didn’t give El Pintor much of a shot, most bands don’t wait a fullContinue reading “El Pintor”

Turn Blue

If you know anything about my music tastes, you knew this would be on the list. The Black Keys are my favorite band, but that doesn’t mean I think everything they do is perfect. In fact, my least favorite of their albums is Attack & Release which was produced by Danger Mouse, who they broughtContinue reading “Turn Blue”

Hold My Home

Last year when I put Cold War Kids’ Dear Miss Lonelyhearts in my top ten I said that they had finally found their voice and put it together in a complete album. I’m glad they put out another album so quickly after last year’s triumph, because Hold My Home is a continuation of the momentumContinue reading “Hold My Home”

Into the Wide

There were a number of surprises this year, but Delta Spirit’s amazing Into the Wide is definitely my favorite surprise. I’ve liked a number of Delta Spirit’s songs over the years, but never a full album. I didn’t know anything about their new album until I saw that it was released on the amazing SeptemberContinue reading “Into the Wide”