Scott Bedgood on a kayak with testimonials written on the photo.

Former Bosses

  • John Zajac: Scott built a content marketing engine that drove 80% of Indy’s traffic within the first 6 weeks of launch. He led strategic brainstorms, managed and edited a stable of increasingly talented and influential freelance writers, built Indy’s reputation and credibility from the ground up, and did it while meeting or exceeding +30% month-over-month traffic growth. Scott collaborated effortlessly and fluidly with every department at Indy, including product, engineering, analytics, marketing, and the executive leadership.
    If you’re looking for someone who can quickly and skillfully integrate into your organization, has a broad and deep set of skills related to editorial writing, content development, and content marketing, and will be a rock upon which you can depend no matter what comes down the pike, Scott’s your person. Lots of people say they’re “self-starters” who can “handle multiple projects successfully” and “collaborate successfully within the organization”… with Scott, I can promise you’ve actually found one.
  • Marcelo Guerra: Scott was the first full-time writer we hired. He not only developed and delivered exceptional content, but helped shape our content strategy and editorial processes. Scott is a self-starter who came to the table with new ideas, sourced leads for great stories, and helped attract other writers to our blog. He is insightful, collaborative, and a pleasure to work with as well.
  • Brock Meltzer: I highly recommend Scott. Scott and I worked together at Indy where he was the sole content writer in charge of the full content strategy focused on driving brand awareness. This included tapping into his strong network for contributing writers and being fully responsible for all content published on the platform. Scott is sharp, has grit, is a hard worker, cares deeply about his work, and does so with a positive attitude.
  • Jon Finkel: I made the smart decision to hire Scott back in 2014 to help me launch the National Football Foundation and College Football Hall of Fame’s online media platform: Football Matters. From the beginning, Scott impressed me with his willingness to take on any project we sent his way and to also come up with excellent ideas on his own. If you’re looking for a smart, resourceful, jack-of-all-trades editor and writer, Scott Bedgood is your guy.

Former Coworkers

  • Emily Treadgold: Scott was one of my favorite coworkers and is still one of my favorite editors of all time. When we started working together, I was managing social media but I wanted to write about music. He was very patient with me when I started writing and helped me improve. I don’t take criticism well but he would always make me want to do better and motivate me to keep going. I still ask him for feedback on projects and would always recommend taking his advice.
  • Mandy Larsen: I had the pleasure of working with Scott at Indy, collaborating on several projects together. As I was onboarding, Scott was always there to answer any questions or assist with any task no matter how big or small. He is an incredibly talented writer and a wizard with words. His talent was a huge asset to our social media strategy and brought light to so many different subjects and audiences that we would not have otherwise spoken to. I hold Scott in such a high regard and couldn’t recommend him enough.

I hold Scott in such a high regard and couldn’t recommend him enough.

Freelancers Who Wrote for Me

  • Alaina Lavoie: Scott and I worked together on several freelance articles for Indy. He was a communicative and thoughtful editor, always encouraging me to go deeper in my work and steadfast in his support. His editorial guidance definitely helped me shape my articles into their best versions and I’m prouder of my work at Indy because of Scott. I love how transparent he was about Indy’s editing and payment process, making it a very smooth experience for a freelancer. I would highly recommend any writer work with Scott as an editor.
  • Tyler Hicks: Scott is an immensely talented writer and editor. Just as importantly, he is a skilled collaborator who always bring fresh ideas to the table. Armed with a keen eye for storytelling, Scott knows how to interest, engage, and captivate audiences of all kinds. He also fosters the kind of honest, enriching dialogue between writer and editor that I believe is absolutely necessary for a fruitful career in writing and journalism. I wholeheartedly endorse Scott for any role in which the written word plays a significant part. He is talented, of course, but he is also the kind of fun, caring person you want on your team.

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