Elevate Your Content

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Elevate Your Content

Content is king. But where do you start? What kind of content works for your audience? Do you need a full-time content team or can you build out a team of freelancers? Should you hire inexpensive SEO writing or spend more time and money on quality? Does content marketing even work?

That’s where I come in.

But who am I? Scroll down to learn more.

My Work

Portfolio of Scott Bedgood's work

From football to IT staffing to SaaS to sports cards, I’ve built and run publications dedicated to covering all angles of all kinds of industries. No matter the topic, I can compile teams of subject matter experts dedicated to creating content perfectly suited to your audience. Check out my portfolio for more.

About Me

I’m Scott, a trained journalist and author. I’ve spent nearly a decade creating content publications for new brands, revitalizing content for legacy brands, and writing for major magazines and websites. I specialize in taking a wide view of content needs, developing a plan, and executing said plan. Within a few months I can make any brand produce quality content like a major publication.

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