Above are screenshots of different publications that I either helped build or helped revitalize. Here are brief descriptions of each project.

The Independent Worker (Indy) – At Indy I was tasked with starting their new publication covering the world of freelance work. Indy is a SaaS company that build tools for freelancers so our goal was to create content that was about the life and work of a freelancer. I functioned as the content director, hiring and managing a team of 20-25 freelance writers, assigning them stories, editing those stories, and publishing them in the CMS. We were able to fine-tune the content over the course of a few months to figure out exactly the types of stories the freelance audience wanted.

Here are few reviews from my time at Indy:

John Zajac, former Creative Director at Indy, “If you’re looking for someone who can quickly and skillfully integrate into your organization, has a broad and deep set of skills related to editorial writing, content development, and content marketing, and will be a rock upon which you can depend no matter what comes down the pike, Scott’s your person. Lot’s of people say they’re “self-starters” who can “handle multiple projects successfully” and “collaborate successfully within the organization”… with Scott, I can promise you you’ve actually found one.”

Tyler Hicks, freelance writer who wrote for Indy, “Scott is an immensely talented writer and editor. Just as importantly, he is a skilled collaborator who always bring fresh ideas to the table. Armed with a keen eye for storytelling, Scott knows how to interest, engage and captivate audiences of all kinds. He also fosters the kind of honest, enriching dialogue between writer and editor that I believe is absolutely necessary for a fruitful career in writing and journalism.”

Pinnacle Group (Company Blog) – As content strategist at Pinnacle Group, a workforce solutions powerhouse, I worked with business leaders in different sectors of the company to develop content for both current customers, potential new customers, and anyone curious about the industry. I ghostwrote blog posts for leaders in each sector that broke down difficult concepts and made them easy to understand for anyone looking to read them.

Nina Vaca (CEO of Pinnacle Group) – I ghostwrote blog posts for Pinnacle Group CEO Nina Vaca, including creating a Medium page and developing consistent content that espoused her values, helped build her personal brand, and often pointed back to the business and her passion for the community. I was able to quickly learn her voice and create content for her. I also helped oversee a website revamp to better promote her amazing work in the community and business world.

Beckett Media – The No. 1 authority when it comes to sports trading cards and collectibles, Beckett brought me and my former boss Jon Finkel in to the company to revamp their content creation process and build their blog into the top news source in the collectibles world. In my time there I edited the Beckett Basketball monthly magazine, the website, and managed a team of freelance writers. I also created branded content partnerships worth hundreds of thousands of dollars with top sponsors. For these partnerships I created two microsites and worked with our sales and public relations teams to promote this partnership to media all over the country. I also ideated, wrote, art directed, and oversaw translation of a special World Cup magazine in both English and Spanish.

Football Matters (National Football Foundation) – In 2014, The National Football Foundation and College Football Foundation approached us with an idea: they wanted a brand and website that could tell the inspiring and exciting stories from the sport of football. So we came up with the Football Matters and built it from the ground up, hiring freelance writers to find those inspiring stories and creating initiatives to promote the brand across all platforms. This initiative was widely accepted and loved in the football community. It was through the connections made here that I was able to write my book, Lessons from Legends, where I interviewed 12 College Football Hall of Fame coaches. The Football Matters initiative continued on long after our time with them ended and is now called Future for Football.

My boss at both Football Matters and Beckett was Jon Finkel, here’s what he had to say about working with me: I made the smart decision to hire Scott back in 2014. From the beginning, Scott impressed me with his willingness to take on any project we sent his way and to also come up with excellent ideas on his own. If you’re looking for a smart, resourceful, jack-of-all-trades editor and writer, Scott Bedgood is your guy.

What can I do for your brand? Shoot me an email: scott.bedgood@gmail.com

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