Black Hours


I wrote about this album in the past, so I won’t spend too much time here.

The solo debut of the former frontman of The Walkmen did not disappoint. Hamilton Leithauser used the opportunity of a solo album to explore some of the themes he began to touch on The Walkmen’s last album Heaven, but he also struck out into his own territory both sonically and lyrically.

The most unique song is the rollicking “Alexandra” featuring a squealing harmonica, a female backing group, and stomping drums. It sounds more like an Appalachian Saturday night dance than anything coming out of Leithauser’s New York. All the same, it sounds great with Leithauser’s signature wail. The best description I’ve read of Leithauser’s music is white-collar Americana and that’s exactly what it is.

Other notable songs are “I Retired”, “The Smallest Splinter”, and “I Don’t Need Anyone”.



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