Top Ten Albums of 2014

2 thoughts on “Top Ten Albums of 2014”

  1. Hey Scott,
    I came to your blog and appreciated your latest post, noting the “Christian Clickbait Blogger Culture” and thought it was solid. Then the comment section was very discouraging and rude towards you and that’s a drag.
    Then I found something *wildly* controversial, your top music list from 2014 😛
    Anyways, solid list, good work, and props on the Big K.R.I.T. mention!

    My only beef with you now is that you picked Black Keys over Jack White’s 2014 Lazaretto 😉


    1. Hah, I’ve never believed that one has to pick between White and the Black Keys because I don’t think they are similar at all. I just grew tired of White’s schtick. I’m sure Lazaretto is enjoyable for White fans, but I guess I’m over him. Thanks for reading!

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