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Thanks for checking out my website! I’m a writer based in Dallas, TX and I’m the author of Lessons from Legends: 12 Hall of Fame Coaches on Leadership, Life, and Leaving a Legacy. I also write a weekly Big 12 newsletter called Bedgood’s Big 12 Bullets. Currently, a Content Strategist for Pinnacle Group. In my career I’ve interviewed hall of famers, Grammy and Emmy winners, world record holders, entrepreneurs, athletes, and adventurers. I grew up in Tyler, TX and attended the University of Oklahoma. My wife Samantha owns a home bakery and our dogs June and Gertie do not have jobs.

In addition to writing¬†Lessons from Legends, I am an experienced Senior Editor, interviewer, podcaster, blogger, Mailchimp expert, branded content creator, music writer, and one-time-viral Chris Pratt writer. I’m always available for freelance assignments, like this interview I did with Boyz II Men. For more info on my professional career, check out my LinkedIn page.

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  1. Your “Greatest Innovation in Baseball” included “Moneyball/Analytics” as one of the greatest innovations. You fail to mention that in fact Earl Weaver was using analytics WAY before Oakland did in the early 2000s.

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