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Hey! I’m Scott. I live in Plano with my wife, son, and two dogs. I graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in journalism and have spent the past eight years picking up every possible skill to help me survive in this incredibly challenging and fast-paced career.

As a writer I write regularly for Success Magazine, Texas Monthly, Cowboys & Indians, and other major publications.

As a content director and editor I’ve created publications in industries as varied as football and SaaS.

I’ve also written a book with Barry Switzer, Steve Spurrier, Tom Osborne, R.C. Slocum, and more. Bob Stoops wrote the foreword for the book.

I also run a Substack newsletter called Trial & Error where I test out different jobs, hobbies, and products.

In addition to writing, I am an experienced radio host and podcaster, and I made a short film documentary that premiered at the theater where Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested. It won 0 awards.

My varied experiences allow me to create content in any type of medium for brands in any kind of industry.


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