Left Behind: A Survivor’s Story

I promised this post to you about a month ago, but I never got around to writing it for multiple reasons. I asked my friends who went to the movie with me to write their thoughts down so I could have multiple viewpoints on the film.

Alas, only my friend Jason gave me his thoughts. I’ll post them below.

Here are mine: Left Behind is one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. But it’s also the best. It’s the best because it’s the worst. Left Behind was bad in the same way that Sharknado is bad, but Sharknado is trying to be bad.

It’s also the best because it features this man: 1119Don’t take my uneducated word for it, listen to my friend Jason Scott who has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Baylor University. All strikethroughs are mine.

“Gesamtkunstwerk: a total work of art. Used by Richard Wagner in the mid-1800’s to describe what he classified as an ideal work of art, specifically referring to the theatre.
If gesumtkunstwerk is the ideal at one end of the spectrum, Left Behind goes well beyond the opposite end of the spectrum. It fails in every single area that a movie could possibly fail. Acting, casting, plot, script, lighting, special effects, basic cinematography, advertising, and the list goes on and on. Here are some of the biggest failures that come to mind as I recall the 2 hours of my life which unfortunately, I will never get back.
Even before the movie was released, I ran across a movie poster for Left Behind. Occasionally, a production company will attempt to use good comments from a critically acclaimed source to help sell others on the movie. For reasons that became painfully obvious after seeing the movie, no reviewer in their right mind would ever say decent things about it.
So the production company turns to the next best thing. SATAN. The quote reads “Please do not bring unbelievers to this movie. – Satan”.
1. I had no clue Satan was so polite.

2. Based on the source material, I would think unbelievers are the perfect audience! Provided, of course, the movie in question actually tackles the biblical issues at hand with any kind of competency.

Best (read: worst) line in the movie:

Flight attendant: Aren’t you scared?
Nic: I will be (dramatic pause) when I have time.

Worst special effect:

Plane coming to a very abrupt stop just before hitting one of the plentiful gas tanks in a very sketchy construction site.

Worst decision of the night:
Spending $6 on a ticket when I could’ve just waltzed in to the theater because the Valley View mall has no oversight.”


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