These heavily-accented rockers from Scotland have had a number of songs become popular in the last few years, but until Unravelling they hadn’t put out a complete album of quality. I love their older stuff, but some of their songs are so similar in the beginning that I can’t tell the difference between them for a while.

Their third studio album seemed to take a different approach, removing their reliance on the formula of speedy drum and bass intros. They even attempt some slower songs, but their strength still lies in the bigger, more aggressive numbers. Lead singer Adam Thompson’s thick accent delivers lyrics that sometimes seem surprisingly deep coming from such hard driving songs.

If you’ve ever wondered what Explosions in the Sky would sound like with a vocalist, and a Scottish one at that, I think that We Were Promised Jetpacks is the answer. Unravelling features loud, rocking songs with melodies that get hooked in your ears. This is a band that seems to have taken a step back in order to continue pushing their music forward.



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