Do These Headphones That Don’t Even Go On Your Ears Actually Work?

Some music is so good you can feel it in your bones. But, with the After Shokz Bluez 2S bone conduction headphones, it doesn’t matter how good the music is, you’re definitely going to feel it in your bones.

The After Shokz fit on your cheekbones and send the sound through your bones instead of your ears. The result is an open ear to hear the sound around you while you still enjoy your music. It’s supposed to help you be aware of your surroundings, especially when you are running, walking, or riding your bike.

I tested them for a few weeks at my desk at work. The sound quality is much better than you might expect when you hear how they work. They aren’t much worse than average headphones when it comes to sound quality. It’s really interesting technology, when you place them on your cheekbones, the sound is at its best. When you hold them over your ears the sound is not very good.

But testing them at my desk is not really the optimum way to test them. So I took them outside and ran some very simple experiments with Emily. Watch the video to see how they turned out.


Would I buy these? They do look a little goofy, and the sound quality isn’t exactly Bose, but if I ran or biked near a busy street or somewhere that required me to pay attention at all times I would consider these. At only $99.95 they might slightly too expensive, but there are other models available starting at just $39.95.


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