5 Quick Takeaways From The Muppets Excellent Debut

  1. The Muppets were always for adults

Yes, it was always ostensibly a kids show, but many jokes were made for the adults watching it too. Heck, that’s the whole reason for the existence of the great Statler and Waldorf. So it’s a natural fit for the show to be geared towards adults now.

  1. Yes, It’s More Cynical, But The Silliness Isn’t Gone

Gearing the show towards adults means making it a bit more cynical than the kid’s version, but it’s still got the right amount of silliness to remind you that you are watching a bunch of puppets acting like people. It reminds me of my favorite show, Parks & Recreation in its ability to use cleverness and silliness in equal doses.

  1. Kermit Has Some Real Problems With Women

After his much-publicized break up with Miss Piggy, Kermit has turned to a younger pig, Denise. But Denise has been met with widespread disdain. However, it’s not exactly like Miss Piggy is good for Kermit. It ain’t easy being green, but it also ain’t easy when your only options are a couple of pigs.

  1. Statler & Waldorf Forever

The old men may be less necessary in a show that is now completely geared towards adults, but they are still as hysterical as ever. The Muppets isn’t the only show with an ability to laugh at itself, but they might be the only show with two characters dedicated to doing just that. No matter how clever their insults are, the funniest part of each joke is how much joy Statler and Waldorf get out of telling them.

source: http://giphy.com/gifs/headlikeanorange-television-the-muppets-statler-and-waldorf-sBSkS6Lc0Y1DG

  1. Celebrities Everywhere

The debut was rife with celebrity cameos, from Tom Bergeron to Elizabeth Banks to Imagine Dragons, and I’m sure that will be a continuing theme. Guests are a Muppets staple, I just hope they don’t become a crutch.

For a pilot, The Muppets debut was excellent. I can’t wait to see what they will do in the future. Kermit and co. have been around a long time, but they are showing that maybe you can teach an old frog new tricks.


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