My Documentary Now Available On Vimeo

My documentary┬áDon't Think You'd Understand: The Billy Ray Jeter Story is now available for free on Vimeo. You can watch the short-film which had it's world premiere at the Texas Theatre (the place where Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested) last month. This film is about my indoor soccer team and was intended solely for the... Continue Reading →

The Gospel Isn’t Clickbait: On the Exploitation of Chris Pratt and Christ

Cynical "Christian" clickbait sites like the Conservative Tribune, Right Wing News, and any of their ilk are as bad as anything on the internet. They troll the internet and pop culture for things that people are into, and then force a supposedly right-wing, "Christian" perspective onto them just for clicks. The most obvious and most... Continue Reading →

Fury Is Hell, And It’s Perfect

[spoilers throughout] War is hell and Fury is hell to watch. And that's why it's perfect. In no way is Fury fun to watch, it's not entertaining, it's not inspiring, it's not uplifting. Even the interlude in the middle of the film that's meant to bring an air of civility is wrought with tension and... Continue Reading →

Summer Media Takes

I haven't done any media reviews lately so here are some of my favorite things that I've listened to and watched this summer. Music: Hamilton Leithauser - Black Hours   "Give me the lion's share of your love"   Accurately described as "White Collar Americana" Hamilton Leithauser's solo debut is exactly what fans of The... Continue Reading →

An Explanation

I'm fighting the urge that says that you don't care why I haven't blogged in a little while. If you are reading this, you clearly care at least a little bit. I had a cyst in my wrist that was bothering me quite a bit for about 6 months and it was finally surgically removed... Continue Reading →

The Dallas Cowboys are Adam Sandler

The Dallas Cowboys and Adam Sandler have a lot in common. I realized that last night after watching the Cowboys blow another season and then changing the channel to end up on "Grown Ups".The similarities between the two are astounding. Both had their heyday in the 1990's. The Cowboys won three Super Bowls, Sandler had... Continue Reading →

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